Clothing Trends for the Entire Family!

You have Style, and now your entire family’s wardrobe can be set up with the latest Styles and Clothing Trends at the most affordable prices found online.  Wetrends have made it easy to find what you are looking for by putting quick links to the various areas of your clothing needs. From Accessories to Women’s Clothing and literally everything in-between.

Below you will find the various categories to cover your Family’s Style needs.


See the latest in Accessories to make any outfit or occasion pop with your taste in today’s Accessories.

Babyclothing trends

Oh they are adorable, and even more so with the fashions for today’s babies.  Save on the little outfits and everything BABY here.


Durable and yet extremely Affordable.  Perfect for the clothes that will be outgrown in no time.

General Best Sellers

See the best selling (and at the best prices) clothing for your trends


Everything “Girl” is here.  Come and see the selection.


This is a fun section, and the Juniors Clothing selection is literally out of site.  Enjoy!

Luggage & Bags

The World’s Largest Selection of Luggage and Bags is here.  See everything and shop and compare to the the exact item you need.  Best Prices clothing trendsOnline.


Find the best selection of Men’s Clothing Here.

Novelty & Special Use

This is some hard to find (unless you are going through our site here) clothing and Special Use items.

Womenclothing trends

I do not think any of us Women can have enough clothing.  The clothing trends change the most for us, and we can get it all here.  Save and be able to allow your dollar to go further in your clothing needs (and desires!).

Here are some tips that might help you with the latest clothing trends the next time you shop online…

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Use a sizing app like Fitbay to determine if a store has sizes that run big, small, or fit just right.

clothing trends

Fitbay shows the percentage of men and women wearing size small who have to buy a size up or down when shopping these brands. To unravel this sizing sorcery, the app uses over 100,000 data points from it’s users so you can get a sense of what size to pick. For example: J.Crew usually runs large for both sexes and American Apparel runs small.

You can also plug your measurements into sites like Threadbase or Sizecharter to find out what size you would be in popular brands.

clothing trends


Input the size you wear in a specific brand and these sites will translate your info into sizes across a BUNCH of other retailers.

If a store asks for your full hip measurement, hold something vertically from your stomach to your hips.

clothing trends / Alison Caporimo

While hip measurements measure the hips’ circumference, a full hip measurement takes stomach protuberance into account. This kind of measurement might come in handy if you’re getting something custom-made from an Etsy shop. You can take the full hip measurement while holding something (like a ruler) next to your relaxed stomach and measuring at the same level as you would when measuring your hips.