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House Sitting Academy: Travel the World and Stay for Free

 Whether you are brand new to house sitting or an experienced sitter looking to score better gigs, you are about to discover the inner circle secrets, guaranteed to save you thousands on travel accommodation.


You love travel, and you would absolutely love to do a whole lot more of it. It makes you feel alive, brings out your sense of exploration and curiosity, like you are a completely different person out on the road away from the familiar.

But every trip you’ve taken before took a fair chunk of cash (or credit!) to make it happen.

Not to mention you’re done with being treated like a tourist, over-charged for meals and hotel rooms.

But you’re not a backpacker either, those days are long gone!

House Sitting

You now have standards that reflect the comforts of home.

You enjoy dining out, but it is just as important for you to cook your own meals and maintain your fitness and healthy lifestyle.

House Sitting

 And while ‘ticking off’ destination icons is important, you’re seeking a deeper experience – you’re a different type of traveler now, one who is looking for ‘off the beaten track’ alternatives, providing heart-warming cultural experiences and slow travel immersion into a community.

But of course to make all of this happen, you need to work hard and save up, find room on a credit card, or sell an asset or two… maybe even spend your kids inheritance!

It seems impossible to travel more regularly, least of all as a lifestyle. So instead you’re still at home, dreaming of all the awesome things you’d love to experience… and see everyone else doing!

While House Sitting may be a new and exciting concept for you, it is actually one that has been around for many years.

It is only recently however, that house sitting has really become ‘the new travel trend’ sweeping the globe… and for good reason. 

Really, who wouldn’t want a smorgasbord of FREE accommodation all around the world at their finger tips?

HOWEVER with the huge exposure in social and mainstream media about house sitting recently, promoting its VERY enticing sell points, we have seen a massive increase in the number of people all over the world opening up to the concept, and now using house sitting as a way to travel.

In fact, now it it is ‘normal’ for home owners get 20 to 100+ applications to their assignments… sometimes within 24 hours.

Even our ‘House Sitting World’ Facebook group gets 150+ new members every week, and we do not even advertise it anywhere!

This means it is now increasingly difficult to score the house sits you would love, and really hard to stand out among the sea of potential sitters, many with awesome qualities to offer home owners.

It is now becoming unfortunately a very competitive space indeed!

Maybe you have experienced this already, and found yourself applying for assignment after assignment with knock backs, which is nothing short of frustrating. You know you would be perfect for the gig, and yes you would be, but someone else ends up being chosen.

The question then… are there strategies to improve your chances of being chosen? 

You Bet There Is!

The Secrets to Success Revealed

During your online video course you will learn (at your own pace) how to…

  • Write a Profile that easily builds rapport with owners
  • Create a profile video that makes home owners feel they instantly know you
  • Choose a house sitting platform best suited for your travel needs
  • Write compelling assignment applications that get attention everytime
  • Best approach your owner interview and answer their questions
  • Use forms & contracts to create a professional image (which we give you)
  • Use checklists (also provided) to make it super easy to manage your sit
  • Get asked back to sit again, and how to gain referral sits super easy
  • Make money from house sitting
  • Value your exclusive invitation to the Live Academy Retreat in Greece
  • Access discounts on vital house sitting services