Direct Cellars Business Plan

Get Your Very Own Direct Cellars Business started Today! Hand picked fine wines will be delivered right to your front door every month! No need to spend extra time in the wine isles at the store trying to find the perfect wine anymore. Weather you like reds or whites (maybe both?)…we’ve got you covered. Let us do the work for you…you won’t be disappointed! Direct Cellars Business

On top of that…while you are enjoying those fine wines, you can make money with them at the same time. Invite friends and family over for a wine tasting and movie night. Have fun and grow your Direct Cellars Business at the same time!direct cellars business

Founded in 2014 with offices in Chicago, Fort Lauderdale and Seattle, Direct Cellars began as a small internet wine club. Due to our unique marketing concept, we found that we were growing very rapidly! We didn’t choose the traditional advertising route such as, Radio, TV, Internet Marketing etc., we used the “word of mouth” avenue – marketing to our friends and family. Bottom line, Direct Cellars was founded and built by friends and family!

Since our inception, Direct Cellars has become one of the premier wine clubs in the country. Over the last few years we have continued to create and maintain relationships that consist of the best expertise with wine lovers a-like. Our in-house team of wine tasters have been tasting and selecting wines from all over the world for the last 15 years. We only select wines from world class wine producers which are then shipped right to your door!direct cellars business

As we continue to further our success and look to our long-term growth, Direct Cellars has now evolved into a full-blown network marking company. Now you can earn a residual income while sharing and enjoying our wines from around the globe! If you are looking to make some extra part-time money, pay off some debts or make a full-time income, Direct Cellars is for you! You don’t need to be a wine aficionado to earn with Direct Cellars! Simply share your passion of wines with others and watch what happens!

Weather you are looking to just cover the cost of your monthly wine shipment or make a CAREER Income, you can make it happen!

JOIN Now and let the party begin!direct cellars business

Watch this quick informational video to learn more and GO HERE to get started!